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Our murder mystery games are interactive parties where each guest has a character and a role in a story that will be played out over the course of two to three hours or so. Usually one person is the murderer and their job is to escape detection and put the blame onto someone else.

As well as solving the murder, in a Mystery Men Productions murder mystery, everyone has other goals, as well- maybe to find hidden pirate treasure, or to blackmail a rival, win another's heart or maybe just make as much money as possible.

Mystery Men Productions acts as your personal organizer and co-ordinator, responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly and that all the guests have the information they need. We also act as referee should an impartial decision be required.

What you get

Here's what you get when you schedule one of our murder mystery games:

  • 45-60 minute consultation with Mystery Men Productions to determine the best theme and setting for you and your guests. We can plan every detail of your party or simply bring our game and host your evening.

  • Characters for each guest – including character background, character goals and information on who else they know. These detailed character backgrounds provide all the information your guests need to play their characters.

  • Quick start hints – each guest will have their own quick start hints, ensuring that your game starts with a bang.

  • Abilities – each character has a few special abilities that let them break the rules that they can use to find clues and find out secrets.

  • Item cards – key items in our games are represented by illustrated item cards.

  • Other clues and announcements – held by the host until key moments during the game.

  • Detailed rules covering all the likely situations that may arise during the game. Sometimes these will include rules for poisoning or attacking other characters in the murder mystery game!

  • Our support – we are available during the entire process by phone or by email to help with any queries that you might have with your game.

Kids can play too!

We've found that kids of age 10 and above enjoy our murder mystery games as much as the grown-ups. So we've ensured that a number of our games are kid friendly!

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