10/26 - Halloween Lies - Scuppernong Books

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10/26 - Halloween Lies - Scuppernong Books


Face it - you’ve been DYING to get away with murder!

There are ONLY 32 TICKETS available. $35 in advance only, includes one beer, wine, or coffee beveragel! This is an event like none other, and RSVP is necessary. Join us at Scuppernong Books in Greensboro for great fun and mysterious happenings!!! See you there!

Murder Mystery runs from 6:00pm-8:30pm, please be prompt! Arrive early and ask questions to help you get started!

Join us in a thrilling evening of scheming, intrigue and skulduggery. You will be in the middle of the action and it will be up to you to wheel and deal with the other guests. Can you achieve your goals, keep your secrets hidden and survive Halloween Lies? It's up to you.

Halloween Lies

It's award night and Tom Speed's latest film, The Vampire Detective, has just swept the board and garnered four Skellies – for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Screenplay. Sadly, Tom Speed's award for Best Actor was accepted posthumously by his friend, Morgan Vicars, as Tom was killed in a driving accident late last night.

Despite this note of sadness, celebrations are in full swing at the The Vampire Detective post-award party. Deals are being cut for future productions and everyone is having a good time enjoying the atmosphere and mingling with Hollywood's movers and shakers.

Is there anything suspicious about Tom Speed's death? Who will win next year's Skellies? Find out at Halloween Lies.

Who will you play?

  • Ash d'Lessey – Award-winning director of The Vampire Detective.

  • Bernie Newman – Has come to Hollywood to become a movie star.

  • Bobby Treveeno – Entertainer of the old school.

  • Cass Dockery – Works for a small independent movie financier, but is looking to break into acting.

  • Charlie Henderson-Plum – Played Skipper Primley, The Vampire

  • Detective's British villain.

  • CJ Vasquez – One of The Vampire Detective's co-producers.

  • Claude Janvier – Composer who recently wrote the music for

  • Ash d'Lessey's Blood Red.

  • Detective Arden Chase – One of Hollywood's finest detectives.

  • Eddie Flax – One of Hollywood's many agents.

  • Evrim Meric – Bit-part actor with a minor role in The Vampire Detective.

  • Ghana Moon – Award-winning screenwriter of The Vampire Detective..

  • Hayden Vicars – Co-producer of The Vampire Detective and Tom Speed's friend.

  • Hunter Sharp – Independent film producer and director.

  • Jackie Simpson – Actor fired from The Vampire Detective before filming started.

  • Jam Lafayette – Owner of the Sacre Bleu! restaurant and TV celebrity chef.

  • Joss Dawson – In the business a long time, first as an actor and now as an agent.

  • Jules Milton – Manager of Spangles Hotel.

  • Les Tytan – Mesmerist whose clients have included Charlie Henderson-Plum and Mel Cutter.

  • Lou Egan – Respected Hollywood film director.

  • Luca Delmonico – Comes from a very wealthy family and recently appeared in the movie The Sound of Screams.

  • Max McNab – Bit-part actor struggling to get into the big time.

  • Mel Cutter – The author of 'Cutter's Comments', a notorious newspaper column in the Hollywood News.

  • Morgan Beech – Star of blockbuster movie The Vampire Detective.

  • Nat Rankin – Character actor who recently appeared in The Sound of Screams as a villain – as usual.

  • Pip Slater – One of Hollywood's many agents.

  • Ronnie Manfred – Character actor who often plays evil henchmen.

  • RT Markovitz – Press photographer for The Big Cheese, a newspaper.

  • Sam Cortinelli – One of The Vampire Detective's stunt doubles.

  • Sam is rumored to have 'family' connections.

  • Shelly Wells – Owns TrixieCorp, a large corporation, but is now producing a movie.

  • Terry Ford – Character actor who played Hatch, a bodyguard, in The Vampire Detective.

  • Toy Shepherd – Comedian from the East Coast.

  • Val Taylor – Actor and producer, co-producer of The Vampire Detective.

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