11/13 - The Spy Who Killed Me - Breathe Cocktail Lounge

Tickets available at www.mysterymenproductions.com.png
Tickets available at www.mysterymenproductions.com.png

11/13 - The Spy Who Killed Me - Breathe Cocktail Lounge


Join us every 2nd Wednesday for our Murder Mystery Club night. We will have a new theme every month, so you'll never get bored!

Reservations are required, so grab your tickets now! We expect these to fill up in advance!

Face it - you’ve been DYING to get away with murder!

There are limited tickets available, and this event is restricted to 21 and up. $35 in advance only, includes one beer, wine, or well highball cocktail! This is an event like none other, and RSVP is necessary. Join us at the Breathe Cocktail Lounge for great drinks and mysterious happenings!!! See you there!

The Spy Who Killed Me is played like a game. You may be trying to solve the murder, but primarily you are (initially at least) concentrating on your own goals and objectives. This isn’t a “dinner” murder mystery game, our parties let you decide how to achieve your goals and thwart your enemies while mingling over drinks! (Small plates available for purchase!)

On the evening of the game the guests are met by the organizer, the Head Porter, and welcomed to Maudlin College. They then receive their detailed backgrounds – including dark secrets, objectives and money. The fun then begins as they form alliances, blackmail each other, steal items and maybe even try to murder one another!

Along the way they may uncover some of the mysteries of The Spy Who Killed Me. Who is a double agent? Who leads the secretive Holly and Oak Society? Who is a professional assassin, and who is the mysterious 'Elsie'? What is the secret of the cryptogram? Depending on what the players choose to do, there are several different possible endings, but finally everyone finds out how they did, and what secrets everyone else was concealing.

Arrive no later than 6:00pm

The Spy Who Killed Me

Welcome to Maudlin College, an institution with prestigious roots and an even more promising future. As we are nearing the end of the last term of the year, it is time to celebrate a hard year's work – in the lab, the library, and on the water – at the glorious Summer Ball. Maudlin College's best and brightest have gathered for a evening of celebration recognizing the recipients of prestigious research grants, and academic as well as athletic scholarships, which will be renewed – or not – this evening.

It should be cause for celebration – but the evening is more sedate than planned; as the musicians arrived this evening, the Head Porter announced that Beth Garnet, one of this evening's student honorees, was found dead in her room. There are whispers about that Beth lost her life because of her involvement in espionage – if that is true, she cannot be the only secret agent in the college.

Who will you play?

Alex Tanner – Jan's assistant

  • Alicia Schleitwiler – an undergraduate academic scholarship recipient

  • Chris Morrison – an athletic scholarship administrator

  • Daniel Mason – an undergraduate

  • Doctor Aberhart – a dramatic music professor

  • Doctor Barnes – an abrasive physics professor

  • Genevieve Lyle – an undergraduate, coxswain of the rowing team

  • Jamie Carthart – an academic scholarship administrator

  • Jan von Capp – a research grant administrator

  • Jennifer Sable – a postgraduate student in physics

  • Jonathan Calder – an undergraduate and athletic scholarship recipient, captain of the rowing team

  • Margaret Ravenscroft – a postgraduate student in mathematics and academic scholarship recipient

  • Master Harris – the Master of Maudlin College

  • Nathan Saunders – an undergraduate

  • Professor Rosenthorn – a slightly reclusive economics professor

  • Professor Thompson – an eccentric mathematics professor

  • Sam Davidson – an undergraduate

  • Simon Feverfew – an undergraduate and athletic scholarship recipient, star of the rowing team

  • 'Ginger' Roberts – freelance reporter in search of the Big Story

  • Jordan Campbell – postgraduate music student

  • Lee Hatfield – tennis-playing undergraduate student

  • Perry Skeeter – reporter for The Times

  • Quinn Wells – tennis-playing undergraduate student

  • Riley Burke – postgraduate economics student

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