9/7 - Murder on the Dancefloor - Foothills Tasting Room


9/7 - Murder on the Dancefloor - Foothills Tasting Room


Saturday 9/7, 6pm at Foothills Tasting Room, 3800 Kimwell Drive, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103

Face it - you’ve been DYING to get away with murder!

There are ONLY 21 TICKETS available. $35 in advance ONLY.

Admission includes 1 drink ticket! This is an event like none
other, and RSVP is necessary. Join us at Foothills Tasting Room on September 7th, 2019 at 6pm for great fun and mysterious happenings!!!

See you there!

Join us in a thrilling evening of suspicion, double-dealing and murder. You will be in the middle of the action and it will be up to you to wheel and deal with the other guests. Can you achieve your goals, keep your secrets hidden and survive Murder on the Dancefloor? It's up to you.

Murder on the Dancefloor

It's the 1950s, small-town USA: and tonight Flo's Diner is the place to be. It's the most popular place in town, and the local hangout for teens and adults alike. Neon lights flash out front, the checkered dancefloor sparkles inside, and the seats are polished to perfection.

Tonight the diner is set to host the town's annual Dance-off competition. Famous celebrities have arrived at the event to help judge, while many keen locals and newcomers wish to participate. As the sun sets in the sky, the diner fills with people and the night begins. The dancefloor is flashing, milkshakes and burgers are being served constantly, and there's a great vibe of enthusiasm.

But suddenly a terrifying scream echoes throughout the diner, causing panic! Local bad-boy, Ricky Johnson has been found dead in the male restroom by his best friend, Mikey Reed. Mikey found Ricky on the bathroom floor, with a fatal knife wound to his chest.

With the local police officer already at the diner, everyone is told to remain on the premises. Detective Hudson has ordered all exits and entrances to the building locked until further notice. In an effort to not completely destroy the night, however, Flo has arranged for the Dance-off to carry on as normal.

With the Dance-off only an hour away, and Ricky's killer unknown, many mysteries hang in the air: so just who did commit

Murder on the Dancefloor?

Which character will you play in Murder on the Dancefloor?

Bailey Higgins – Flo's only child
Becky Johnson – Younger sister of Ricky Johnson, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth
Bernie Reese – The Diner's chef
Clare Simpson – Hardworking waitress at Flo's Diner
Corey Rogers – Youngest and newest member of Ricky's gang
Crystal Reed – Local greaser girl
Dallas Anthony – Local business tycoon
Detective Hudson – Local law enforcer
Dr Peter Hodge – Local physician and protective husband of Penny Hodge
Eric Anthony – Competitive reigning champion of the Dance-off with Sally, younger brother of Dallas
Flo Higgins – Single mother and owner of Flo's Diner
Jamie Shephard – Worker at Flo's Diner
Joseph Marks – Local greaser and enemy of Ricky Johnson
Mel Rivers – Famous singer in town to judge the Dance-off
Mikey Reed – Ricky's dashing best friend, and twin brother of Crystal
Pat Larvis – Janitor at Flo's Diner
Penny Hodge – Local respectable citizen
Percy Wilson – A traveler passing through Flo's Diner
Sally Larvis – Reigning champion of the Dance-off with Eric and daughter of Pat
Steven Starling – Famous TV personality in town to judge the local Dance-off
'Ginger' Roberts – freelance reporter in search of the Big Story

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